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Why Choose Field OutSource ASIA, Inc. (FOSA)?

FOSA Inc is a Field Marketing Services Company with thirteen years experience in the field of marketing, promotional or Below-The-Line business. With the FOSA team, you can be sure of customized services and quick response to help you achive your objective.

As we envision to go beyond the traditional service. We are challenged to go the extra mile by developing creative concepts in the line of promotions & merchandising.

WHAT you need

Easy access to complete BTL services. We provide various BTL services to suit your needs such as, Field/manpower deployment, professional staffing, Merchandising, Brand promotions activations and creative production

WHEN you need it. WHERE you need it

We can be flexible to be able to provide and adapt to your needs and provide quick turnaround. Our FOSA team can cater to your brand requirements and our nationwide/regional network translates to a quick response in your target areas of implementation.

About us

Envisioned to go beyond traditional service

Marketing Support

Work closely with the clients on marketing support activities from conceptualization, planning and implementation up to evaluation of sales and promotional activities.

Client Delivery

Complement and strengthen the delivery of client’s product message at point-of-purchase and to interface with their sales force in the implementation of such activities.

Product Channels

Identify and service the needs of traditional and new additional channels for product sales/distribution and to provide complete database for specific target markets.

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